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My Mobi Service is a subscription based, fully managed IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) provider that also specializes in the creation of parallax websites and progressive web apps (PWAs) for individuals and small businesses.

Why subscription based?  The answer is very simple.  My Mobi Services caters to the individual and small business who wish to have a presence online, but do not have the "deep pockets" like the big corporations.  Most people cannot afford $1000s for a service, but they can afford $99-999/month for our services.

In addition, we also offer parallax website development that is both beautiful and responsive along with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), the newest kid on the block.

OUR MISSION:  To provide a cost effective solution for individuals to brand themselves online and for businesses to reduce core infrastructure costs while harnessing the power of blockchain to protect sensitive data across several protocols.


Solutions that are affordable, reduce infrastructure costs, protect your sensitive data, and brands your business on the Internet

Private Blockchain
Fully Managed vServers
Web Apps

More Information on Our Services

You already have enough on your plate when running your business.  Don't let the headaches of technology add to the plate.  We offer vServers (Virtual Servers) that are fully managed and include:

1. 100% SSD
2. FREE DDoS Mitigation
3. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
4. SSL Certificate
5. Webmin Front End Server Monitoring
6. Full Root Access
7. UNLIMITED Traffic
8. UNLIMITED Databases
9. No long term contracts.  Cancel anytime
10. ...and more

Under the My Mobi Services fully managed vServer plan, we will:

1.   Update all packages, repositories, and dependencies on a weekly basis
2.   Stress test and pentest your server for security holes and vulnerabilities and correct those vulnerabilities
3.   Create databases as needed
4.   Provide an intuitive front end GUI (Graphical User Interface) for your server
5.  ...and more.  

It's like having your own IT department at your disposal so you can focus on what matters most:  your business and your profits.  

Fully Managed vServer Plans and Pricing:


4 core CPU
200 GB SSD

$349/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.


6 core CPU
400 GB storage - 100% SSD

$399/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.


8 core CPU
800 GB storage - 100% SSD

$449/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.


10 core CPU
1600 GB storage - 100% SSD

$499/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.

Protect your sensitive data by making it immutable, tamper-proof, and resilient to attacks by incorporating a private blockchain within your organization's infrastructure.  Save money and sleep good at night knowing your data is protected and cannot be altered by no single entity.

My Mobi Services will create a full private blockchain along with a protocol to upload data such as media files, images, etc.  Because the blockchain by design is not intended to store large amounts of data, this additional protocol will shard the data into 256kB "chunks" and distribute those chunks across several participating nodes in your network.

Once that is done, a URL with an ending hash will be generated.   Simply copy the hash and record the hash on your private blockchain.   Your data is protected, timestamped, tamper-free, and immutable.


1.  A self or fully managed PLATINUM vServer plan.

Investment:  $10,000 one time.  Includes creation of the blockchain for your business, the file upload linking system, and instructions on how to use it.

Parallax Websites

Parallax websites (continuous scrolling websites) provide a rich and unique user experience.  Tailored primarily for mobile and tablet use, parallax websites look great on laptops and desktops too.

With over 80% of the world's population accessing the Internet through a mobile device, parallax websites are the clear winner for their quick loading times, easy data caching, and fluid yet responsive user experiences.  As a matter of fact, My Mobi Services (the website you're viewing right now) is a parallax website!!


1.  A fully managed vServer plan by My Mobi Services

Investment:  $1000 one time

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Native Apps are a thing of the past.  The new kid on the block are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that combines the ease of a website with the functions of a native app. Let us help you turn your idea into a PWA. Apps are expected to generate $190 Billion in 2020. 


1.  Parallax website developed by My Mobi Services
2.  vServer plan by My Mobi Services

Investment:  $500 one time

Maybe you already have an IT professional or Systems Administrator on your payroll but you need more bang for your buck.  No problem.  My Mobi Services also offers self-managed vServers as well.

With self managed vServers, we do not manage nor maintain the server.  We simply give you full root access.  It would be up to your IT professional or Systems Administrator to install, secure, and configure the vServer for you.

Our self-managed vServers come with the following: 

1.  100% SSD
2.  99.99% Uptime Guarantee 
3.  Full Root Access 
4.  UNLIMITED Traffic 
5.  UNLIMITED Databases 
6.  No long term contracts. Cancel anytime

Self-Managed vServer Plans and Pricing:


4 core CPU
200 GB SSD

$35/month.   No contract.  Cancel anytime.


6 core CPU
400 GB storage - 100% SSD

$70/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.


8 core CPU
800 GB storage - 100% SSD

$105/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.


10 core CPU
1600 GB storage - 100% SSD

$140/month.  No contract.  Cancel anytime.

Ordering a service is easy.  Simply go to the Contact Form and specify what service you would like to subscribe to in the Message Field.  

If we are having a promotion, please mention the Promo Code in the Message field as well.

The reason why we process orders like this instead of having a "Buy Now" button is simple:  We want to make sure you understand everything before beginning your subscription.

Once we receive your order, we will send you over a subscription invoice and agreement via Paypal.  You do NOT need a Paypal account although it is recommended you sign up for one.  You will then remit payment for the first month and we will begin work once payment has been authorized, processed, approved, and cleared.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for your business.  We appreciate it and we know you will be very pleased with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Blockchain Development service includes the creation of a fully functioning private (permissioned) blockchain on a masternode in which you will control.   Other nodes (with your permission) can connect to your node and data can be distributed within those nodes.  

You will get a dedicated node set up, secured, and deployed for you with full root access. Once the blockchain is complete and tested, you will get your credentials to log in and begin using the node.  Full support is also included. 

You will also get the file upload linking protocol that enables you to upload large files to the blockchain.

Absolutely.  If you are not satisfied with any of our services, you can request a full, no questions asked refund within 30 days of initial development.  Please keep in mind that if you have any data on any of the servers or blockchain, you would need to remove that data before cancellation.  Once cancelled, ALL DATA ON THE SERVERS WILL BE LOST!!

You will still have your data on the blockchain, however.  You wouldn't be able to change or modify it though.

No.  Simply contact us to cancel your service.  We will package your website / PWA in a .zip file and send it to you in its entirety.  

Of course you can.  However, you are limited to only 20 products.  If you need a bigger ecommerce site contact us for a custom quote.

If you are unhappy with your hosting with us, you are free to move your website to a new hosting provider.  

There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS ON PRORATED AMOUNTS.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  What that means is if you pay your hosting with us on the 3rd of the month and you cancel your hosting on the 7th, you will not get any refunds for the prorated amounts for the remainder of the month.  

Absolutely.  Simply drop us a line and we will upgrade the plan for you.  Your new monthly payment amount will be charged the following month, not the current month.

Drop Us A Line!

We are here to help you the best way we can so we can get your business.  If you have any questions not listed above, feel free to fill out this form.

Someone will be in touch with you within 1 business day.  Thank you.


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